Royal jelly

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The royal jelly is a natural gelatinous substance produced by the bees, produced by the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of the young bees, the royal jelly has a white-yellowish look and a sour taste, the royal jelly is the feeding of the queen bee for all its life. The contribution of this nourishment would also be responsible for the growth, longevity and fertility of the queen bee. Royal jelly has restorative, invigorating and energizing properties useful to counteract periods of stress, physical and mental fatigue.

The royal jelly can be taken by children especially in school age, at the dosage indicative of a scoop (which is found inside the package) every morning for one or two months, in times of stress, such as the return to school after the summer holidays, in that: it seems to strengthen the immune system, acts as a "natural antibiotic"; plays an anti-inflammatory action; stimulates the appetite; has an energetic action and reduces the feeling of fatigue; helps to improve concentration, learning and memory.

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